Thank you, Bronna!

Thank you Diane, You were able to bring me two contacts on my historic house in Elsah.  I had remarried after being married for over 50 years and was moving out of state with my new husband.  I hadn’t listed my house because several people had shown an interest in it, but when I was ready to move my household goods to our new home, for a different reason, the people couldn’t buy it for either health and/or financial reasons.  I moved my things just prior to Thanksgiving of 2013  leaving the house empty with the housing market looking bleak.  Diane got the contract to sell the property by the end of December.  The house was sold within 30 days.  She did everything to market the property and came up with two buyers wanting the home.  Diane was a good communicator and kept me aware of the activity on the property and I was most grateful when the closing went so smoothly. She was there for inspections, for appraisals, and extra services.  I am truly grateful for her professional service.

— Bronna Birdsell